Fen Packer, the light touch

Arguably, the Cambridgeshire Fens contain the most fertile soil in the country. The light, loamy, black fen soil, however, demands dedicated machinery if optimum yields are to be achieved.

Cousins’ 6.4m Fen Packer, like so many of the company’s innovative products, has been developed to meet these specific requirements. The 900mm diameter packer rings are made from steel, not heavy cast iron, concentrating the consolidation without leaving indentations. The articulated frame is fully contouring and folds for transportation onto its 400/600-15.5 x 14 ply tyres.

The Fen Packer has a range of applications: after ploughing, before and after drilling and spring rolling emerging crops. New user Cam Allan of Allan Partners, Kings Farm, Chatteris plans to use theirs for all of these.

“We had noticed that our best grain yields were on the headlands where the soil was consolidated. Having seen the Fen Packer in action on a nearby farm, the decision was made to buy one. We are looking to increase wheat yields by 0.25 ton an acre” says Cam. “Of course we will have to wait till August to judge this”. In the meantime he is impressed with its performance.

“We run the Fen Packer at around 4-5 mph when following the plough and up to 6mph after the drill. I am particularly impressed with the effective removal of the small amount of soil that does stick to the rings by the cleaning bar.

“As things are, I wish we had bought it last year!”
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